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The Lofts are sectional title townhouses, in the secure Southdowns Estate. There are a few variations of 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses, ranging in size from 126m² to 276m². Some are single storey, others double storey and a few triple storey. All have patios and private gardens ranging in size from a small garden to the largest which measures 1400m². Some of the townhouses have pools and some front on the pasture. The aesthetics vary from modern to contemporary, to a few, looking like "turn of the century" farmhouses. The use of aluminum window frames and chromadek roofing with some red brick and plaster make the design timeless and low maintenance.


The interiors have high quality finishes, with bathrooms and scullery tiled to the ceiling. The units have all been equipped with natural gas fireplaces, hob, braai and water heaters, which reduces the consumption bills dramatically.These units have access to the parks, cycling routes, Irene Country Lodge, Irene Dairy Farm and Southdowns College. The Southdowns Shopping Centre, including a full medical facility and The Southdowns Fitness Centre are on your doorstep. The total Lifestyle package, for nature and fitness enthusiasts.